Ways in which AI will Transform Your Life

Artificial intelligence is entering our lives without us hardly noticing it. According to the New York Times, the launch of Apple’s HomePod was a sign of the transformation the Cupertino firm will undergo and that will allow it to speak frankly of the technology that is available behind your products. In this sense, the senior vice president of Apple, Philip Schiller, in his opening speech of the WWDC, already pointed out that consumers have already adopted AI technology since the number of technologies promoted by the AI ​​is growing.

Ways in which AI will Transform Your Life
Ways in which AI will Transform Your Life

We are going to see five ways in which Artificial Intelligence is already transforming the lives of the people that make up the different societies and how the future cannot be conceived without it.

The transformation of the automotive industry

At this time it is already a reality that artificial intelligence is making its way in advanced driver information and entertainment assistance systems. However, this is just the beginning and the uses of AI in the transport world are going to be more complex. From the recognition of speech or gesture to the evaluation of the condition of the driver; the use of AI in this area will be increasingly more advanced systems. In more sophisticated applications, such as fully automatic vehicles, there is a great confidence factor to overcome. In addition, there are some rules and regulations that seek to address their regulation and more and more technology companies that join forces with the motor industry to develop new projects.

Socialize on the Net

Current study has shown that a person will spend about five years on social networks during his/her life span. It is one of the areas where companies are using artificial intelligence to track our personal online behavior. Artificial intelligence is already determining the content we want to see on web, and also, advertisers, based on how we have we have used and interacted with the platform before. While it has questioned the fact of giving too much influence to the giants of social networks in our worldview. It is part of our searching behavior and it is expected that users will find the way to play your favorites.

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In politics, nothing will be the same

It is one of the keys to the transformation of society as it is being seen in recent years. Social networks decide elections and are a key element in the future transformation of political parties. For example, parties use paid advertising to vote in a variety ways, but bots are also used to win the opponent and transfer the message that is wanted to the voters. Without going any further, in the elections in the United Kingdom, Sky News and the Social Network Analysis Center (CASM) came together to analyze the impact of automatic Twitter accounts. The conclusion reached is that even though the impact was small, it was noted that the combination of social networks and AI affected the elections.

Changes in shopping habits

We are witnessing a radical change in the behavior between customers and retailers. The e-commerce sites know the products seen, the time spent on browsing or the devices used by users, which has helped gathering knowledge about buying behaviors. This has forced retailers to use AI technology to analyze consumers’ online behavior and experience. In this way, they can offer the practical, interactive environment that consumers want.

Another way of doing business

The impact of AI in the delivery of the digital company is something that we have seen as Amazon and Facebook adopt. However, many companies who are started thinking of Artificial Intelligence are still in primary stage and are very confusing. Artificial Intelligence is based on data. The more information you have and can manage, the more you can automate, and it is at that moment where organizations will find the actual benefits. The AI ​​will help bringing competence, boost sources of income or even change the way with think of business today.

In short, Artificial Intelligence influences the way in which users interact with each other, the decision they take and the applications they use. It is in developing phase which will become more and more complex and in the coming days, and we will also be able to master it better.

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