Top 10 Free Security Software You Can Trust

There is no doubt that since the internet was created, it has brought with it a number of advantages and benefits to many people around the world. However, it is not the only thing that the creation of the internet has brought with it. This cyber world in which we are living is not entirely safe. Since computers began to have access to the internet many useful programs and applications have been created. But unfortunately there are some applications which are not benevolent; I’m talking about malicious applications created by unknown entities that were designed with the sole purpose of scrutinizing in the depths of your PC. That’s why today’s user needs to pay extra attention and arm him with a good Security Software that will help detect if his PC has become an unnoticed host of any of these malicious applications. Here I have selected the top 10 free security software you can trust.

Security Software
Security Software

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of those applications that allow you to make a complete analysis of the files on your device to identify those spyware, and malware that is not detected by your antivirus. Once found you can carry out several options either eradicate them completely or send them to a quarantine folder. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is free security software which has free updates with which you can be sure that the database will be up to date to eliminate all those harmful files that come to the network daily.

One of the best options with this application is that called FileAssassin, its operation is very peculiar because the application cannot remove any of the malware files that are in it, it will be programmed to eliminate them by restarting the device. This is very useful to eliminate all those spy files that are loaded into the memory as if they were one more service with which many other programs cannot detect it.

Another important point is the exclusion of files to review, in this option you can indicate which of those files that you know have a specific function should be left out of the system analyzes carried out by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, preventing them from falling in the quarantine folder or simply be deleted along with the harmful files. This is definitely a great option if what you want is to get rid of the malware.

2. Spybot

From the brilliant minds of ” Safer-Networking ” Spybot – Search & Destroy appears, this is an incredibly effective and powerful application designed to find any trace of spyware, adware or malware that may have been inadvertently leaked to your PC.

With its powerful scanner you will be able to perform a thorough search and thus be able to find any trace of malicious applications that are active on your PC; After the problem is identified this efficient program will take care of everything and disinfect your PC thoroughly; leaving it thus free of any spy element. Spybot – Search & Destroy is not only able to fix what is already broken since it has the function ” immunize ”, which gives you control to prevent future intrusions on your PC.

3. Adaware: The Best FREE Antivirus & ad block

From Lavasoft to the world comes Ad-Aware Free Antivirus, a compact but multifunctional antivirus that offers protection not only against viruses, but also anti-spyware, anti-rootkits, malware, tracking cookies, Trojans, and more protection. The new and reinvented Ad-Aware Free Antivirus has arrived to stay with its dynamic and effective design. This compact application is one of the fastest and most efficient free antivirus programs available. It is a truly revolutionary product in its field. This antivirus has been named one of the best free antivirus, also has millions of satisfied users around the world.

This famous antivirus has an improved interface, more understandable and easy to use. It has been reinvented completely, the main menu has suffered a very noticeable simplification; what makes this product one of the easiest to use. This new and improved antivirus has implemented and put at your disposal new and extremely useful options that were not previously present in this antivirus, such as protection against malware and programmed scanning of the PC; which were only available to users of the paid versions of this antivirus and the other Lavasoft products. In addition, it has now real time protection of your PC, automatic updates, game mode and analysis of downloads.

Due to its compact size and modest design, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus is one of the most efficient, fast and efficient free antivirus programs. It offers great performance. Enjoy a super agile and virus-free PC, because of this antivirus thanks to its compact, but at the same time, the effective and efficient design provides highly reliable and secure protection. It also works without affecting the performance of your PC. It is a very compact, but effective program. It is small in size, but large in benefits for the user.

4. Prey Anti-theft

Prey turns your computer equipment into a scapegoat. It is a free security software that will let you know where your equipment is at all times. This tool is a great help whether you have borrowed your equipment or if it has been stolen.

The main advantage of Prey with respect to other similar programs is that it will not show any indication of its existence in the system tray. To put the system to the point of surveillance, you will be asked the first time you make a user account, totally free, in the Prey web service. This is necessary for some of the functions and to have where to pass the information.

In your control panel of the web page, you can register each one of your equipment. As soon as you sign in you can check the box you have lost and the server will be updated to show you where your PC is. Of course, for it to work requires that the lost computer has accessed the internet. This signal that is sent causes the Prey installed in the lost equipment to issue alerts and position information every 20 minutes. It will provide you with information about running programs, the networks you are connected to, screenshots and finally, photographs with the webcam in case there is one installed.

5. Bot Revolt Anti-Malware

Bot Revolt Anti-Malware Free Edition allows you to complement the work of your antivirus program with its good detection of suspicious connections. To protect your team, it’s not just about looking for infections and eliminating them. Many strange behavior programs connect to the internet, download more problems or share data without your permission.

In this program, you will be sure that this type of connection will be blocked immediately. They have a large database that is updated daily on suspicious IP’s. In addition, there is a small antivirus that will not do what one apart, but it will be a good complement. It will block the strange activities of malware on your computer, and thus stop sharing information on the Internet or modify your Windows configuration without your permission.

You can configure if the program should start at the same time that Windows starts or deactivates it so that you manually action the protection processes. Real-time protection is a modality but you can also start a full scan.

No more data leakage or installation of programs that you have never seen or searched on the internet. As an aid to your antivirus program it is very good, and by itself, it can keep you under protection, although the ideal is to do the first thing, make it a partner of other programs.

6. Trojan Killer

Trojan Killer is an antimalware program with which you can get rid of annoying Trojans, which are their specialty but not their sole objective. Adware, bots, spyware and even keyloggers will be blocked by your database.

Like all antivirus, you have various scans to keep your computer in good condition. You can perform a deep analysis to go to the last hiding place or a quick one where they will check the most common places that seek to be affected. Everything that is detected will be eliminated, but it does not end there. There are certain harmful codes that change several settings of your computer, which fills you with advertising, pop-ups and other errors that make your PC look like it’s crazy. That is why the repair tool is present, which will identify the modifications that were made without your consent and adjustments will be restored.

The databases for each type of infection are updated constantly, but not to the degree of interruption at every moment. You can also choose if they should be done automatically, alert you when something is available or deactivate them.

It also includes active protection, so you can surf the internet with peace of mind and if something tries to get to stay on your computer, the program will stop it.

7. Super AntiSpyware

The risk of surfing the internet in unreliable sites will always be latent and if you feel that your PC is going bad lately, you can give it a review with Super AntiSpyware. It is another program that will look for any kind of strange codes that may compromise your personal data.

From its interface you can choose in which places of your PC should look for any type of invasion, and as there are also risks when we insert a memory of someone else, it also allows you to search in removable units. So you’ll have reliable tests on disk drives, removable drives, and even internet cookies.

There is the option to immediately remove all types of threats or suspicious files, and if for some reason it is difficult to remove the infection, it will send these files to a special quarantine folder.

Because it is a free version, Super AntiSpyware has some limitations. First of all, you will not have protection in real time, so you should do manual checks as you consider that something bad has entered your team. Nor does it have automatic updates so once again everything depends on you. Anyway, it never hurts to try an antispyware to eliminate as many threats from your PC, and this program offers quick analysis.

8. Free AntiSpyware

Free AntiSpyware is a free security software designed to protect against the dreaded Spyware, which can take over your personal data and share them without your consent through the Internet. In general, they violate any privacy guarantee and download without you noticing when entering untrustworthy sites.

Among the threats, it can stop are suspicious ActiveX objects, Trojans, adware, track ware, phishing, and keyloggers. These last programs are dedicated to monitoring your activity, from any button that you press on your keyboard, to the browsing history.

The included antivirus can perform efficient analysis without taking too much time, although it will also depend on the capacity of your hard drive and the space you have already used. In addition to analyzing common files, it also monitors the Windows registry, cookies, and running processes. This is also useful because dangerous applications try to establish communication through the internet.

You can remove all the threats you want but before you will be asked to make a backup. Thus, in case of any error, you can restore the files at any time.

Finally, the identity protector will follow your steps on the internet and will keep you in a private network that avoids tracking by applications. No more deceptive advertising or espionage.

9. Ad-Aware Total Security

Ad-Aware Total Security is the ideal tool if you want to have a free security software that helps you protect your PC from any external threat that may be exposed, with special emphasis on Adware and Spyware. This is one of the many creations of Lavasoft, this time we offer this excellent application, which is a complete suite responsible for protecting your PC from any threat that may be hovering on the network.

Whether you know it or not, there are a number of ways in which your PC can be infected with an Adware, in most cases, these infections are due to sources as unsuspected as software downloaded from pages with a reputation not very dubious. This application will allow you to have better control over what happens on your PC. This software has a trial period of approximately 30 days. Ad-Aware Total Security not only has protection against Adware but also has full protection against all types of Malware, so you can protect not only against viruses; but also against any kind of spyware.

You can be fully confident of the effectiveness of this software when it comes to protecting you from any cyber threat; since it has a system specialized in the elimination of harmful rootkits for your PC. One of the most remarkable features of this software is its powerful Firewall, which will protect you from any unexpected intrusion that could occur on your PC. There are two aspects that could be described as negative of this complete software, the first is the speed of the scans; which is somewhat slow. The second aspect lies in the user interface that could confuse some, but the benefits are many and it is enough to get used to its interface.

10. Doctor Alex

One of the best and most reliable options to solve any problem related to Spyware or Adware is Doctor Alex. This software has a very simple and easy to use interface, it has an extremely colorful and colorful design; which will make its use a more pleasant and simple experience.

In case you get nervous when making changes to your PC, this program will save future headaches; since you can make a backup before making any changes. This software has an extensive database, which is updated frequently; this guarantees that nothing escapes from your powerful scanner and you have always installed the latest updates. This free security software with its powerful scanner will be able to scrutinize every corner of your PC; going from your hard drive to the system registry.

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