SIGMIND has Developed Number Plate Detection Software

Some young people of Bangladesh had developed an appearance and car number plate detection software. Five people are involved in developing the artificial intelligence software from their startup or enterprise SIGMIND . They have already started using the software in home and abroad.

Sigmind Managing Director Tanvir Tabasam said, the startup is an effort of some of the young entrepreneurs of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). They have conducted research for more than two years. After developing the software, the tested it and made it fit for commercial use. Now they have started testing this tracking software in some public and private places.

Car Number Plate Detection
Car Number Plate Detection

Tanvir said SIGMIND is an artificial intelligence based research and security service provider. Their software can detect human face and car number plate using artificial intelligence techniques. Earlier, they worked with driving assistants and monitoring systems using computer vision technology. From that experience, they created the software called WatchCam. It can analyze any video footage. Their software has been used experimentally on streets in India.

SIGMIND CEO Abu Anas commented that video footages can be analyzed easily and in a very short time using technology like WatchCam. Because the software is based on artificial intelligence, it will become more and more intelligent with its increased usage. As a result, it can be applied to various security measures such as criminal identification or car identification.

SIGMIND ‘s chief marketing officer Arif Hussein said, WatchCam can be used for  safety and security of home and workplaces. They are working to improve the effectiveness of the software.

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