Protect Your Computer with Free Firewall

While our PC is connected to the internet, the risk of intrusions will always be present. When we do not realize, there are background downloads in unreliable sites that leave our files vulnerable to misuse or simply to render them unusable. This is why it is very important to have specialized software to restrict access to these dangerous web pages. There is no more efficient way to achieve this than through Firewalls that blocks the ips of those malicious sites. You can protect your computer with some effective free firewalls.

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Protect Your Computer with Free Firewall

Windows Defender Free Firewall

As a user of Windows, you may have noticed that in many cases it is useless to give an instruction to the Windows Defender Firewall. For strange reasons, even if we indicate permission for a certain program, he asks us again. If you want to have real control over this add-on, use Windows Firewall Control.

The program will give you access to the basic functions of the firewall, but with sliders to control the degree of security or filtration. The simplest thing is to choose a security profile, from completely deactivating the leaks to being completely strict without letting anything happen.

Windows Defender Firewall
Turn on Windows Defender Firewall

From here you can also add what programs you want to let pass as long as you know if they do not represent any risk to your computer. It also includes a network connection manager, with it will notify you of incoming or outgoing connections as they are sent or received from the internet. From here you also have several profiles to give permissions. The program will show you notifications when a new connection is opened or it will block all of them as you choose.

Now you can have a better control of the traditional Windows firewall without expecting to receive notifications of actions that you have already done or that some programs are unlocked in a surprise way. You just need to turn on Windows Defender Firewall.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

The interface of ZoneAlarm is very simple and will warn us of the bad intentions that some program “hidden” in our computer perform. The program keeps a record of all the activity so that you can monitor the behavior of the programs as well as see the alert level between low, medium and high.

It also has a program manager from where you can give permissions to connect to the internet or cut off the communication completely. Of course, if something strange happens and you do not know where it comes from, we have the option to stop all Internet connections, including the already authorized programs. And if yours is to use the PC to play online, ZoneAlarm has a so-called “game” mode that keeps the firewall running but silently so you do not lose concentration in your game.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is the ideal and unlimited option with basic security features if the Pro version is not within your reach.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall


Privatefirewall is a firewall that will prevent leaks or intrusions of all types of programs. It also comes with a security guard that will prevent other users from accessing your computer through wired or wireless network connections.

Thanks to the database of processes that the program has, no suspicious activity will pass by. This program recognizes various software behaviors that in the background process seek to compromise access to your PC. As soon as one of these movements is detected, (phishing, malware, hackers), it will be blocked and you will be notified.

In addition, your Internet browsing is also under the protection of the firewall. The data sent and received pass through your filters, and if any strange or harmful code seeks to cross this barrier, you will not be lucky either.

In both cases you have a decision because if you recognize a program and trust its functions, you can add it to the list of allowed applications. This will also prevent you from having performance failures or shipping problems when using regular programs.

A firewall is a good complement to any antivirus program as it prevents information leaks as well as deliveries of data packets that come from dark backgrounds.


If you are looking for a free and open-source personal firewall that helps you protect from possible threats and unexpected intrusions, you have to try PeerBlock. This incredible and indispensable program was designed for the modern user who is aware that he needs extra protection when connected to the network. This program enjoys an incredibly easy to use interface, which will make its use very easy even for users who are true beginners. With this program you can block malicious sites through their ip addresses.

PeerBlock has its own default list that contains a variety of websites known to be malicious, but also offers you the option to add to the list the pages that you think are relevant. With this program you can avoid that your information falls into the hands of corporate and government entities; malicious sites known to monitor the activities of users and even the ips of entire countries.

Spyshelter Firewall

The Spyshelter firewall will definitely be a good complement to the antivirus you have installed. It will cut unknown processes immediately. Your Internet browsing will be more secure, and any malware that seeks to send or receive data will see your frustrated attempts. The database does not need to receive updates or ask for your permission to install them.

Thanks to the servers in the Cloud, as soon as you have an Internet connection, each revision made by the free firewall will be supported by the database on the web. This avoids downloading files and minimizes the consumption of resources. You can also assign special protection so that other programs do not access the one you are using at the moment. This ensures that there is no access to your chat conversations or the digits you insert to make a payment with a bank card.

The Windows registry will be protected by virtual walls, which will prevent a virus from leaving its trace to cause performance problems. In the same way your folders and internet access is isolated from any malicious movement that is generated on your PC. If something escapes your antivirus, you have Spyshelter Firewall to cut its way.

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