New Firefox for iPad with Exclusive Features

Traditionally, Mozilla has not focused much on iOS, due to the great limitations that Apple imposes on competing Safari browsers. That’s why, for many years, there was not even a version of Firefox for iOS; and in fact, until last year this version of Firefox did not even allow saving files. But the new Firefox for iPad has come with exclusive features.

New Firefox for iPad
New Firefox for iPad, with Exclusive Features

With the changing of environment Mozilla is working more for users who use an iPhone or iPad. Firefox for iOS is improving at a forced pace, and that includes the development of a special version for Apple’s tablets. Today Mozilla has announced the launch of Firefox for iPad, a new version that adapts to the needs of a tablet and that is not just the same iPhone app.

The new Firefox for iPad takes advantage of larger screens

The new Firefox for iPad comes to take advantage of many of the advantages offered by a tablet in front of a smartphone; the main, the largest screen size. Until now, Firefox did not take advantage of that additional space, but with the new version support for the split screen is added; That way, we can use another app at the same time as Firefox.

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This function is activated in the usual way: removing the dock and dragging the icon of the app that we want to one end of the screen. Automatically Firefox will occupy the space that is left depending on how we organize the apps.

The management of tabs has also been improved. Now clicking on the button to the right will open a view of all the tabs we have that we have open. From here we can delete them, move them, or change to the tab that we need at any time. This is a much more intuitive and simple process, especially if we like to have many tabs open.

Private browsing with a touch

Another function that is now a touch away is private browsing. This function allows us to open a session in which everything we do will be deleted (although the websites we visit will continue to register, of course). Now we just have to press the mask button in the upper left corner, and we will automatically enter the private or “incognito” mode. To close all the tabs in this mode all we have to do is touch the mask again, and they will disappear instantly without a trace.

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In addition, Firefox for iPad has received other small improvements, such as support for shortcuts if we are using a keyboard, or with services like the one that allows us to send tabs between Firefox sessions between different devices, if we log in with our Firefox account, of course.

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