LibreOffice: the best alternative software to Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is an open source office suite, consisting of six powerful applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Both the package and the technical service are totally free. LibreOffice is considered to be the best alternative software to Microsoft Office and is available for many platforms. Available under a completely free license LibreOffice can be downloaded and used for free. Currently, LibreOffice has released its latest version 6.2.2 on March 18,2019.

LibreOffice is the best alternative software to Microsoft Offic
LibreOffice is the best alternative software to Microsoft Office

LibreOffice Writer:

As the best alternative software to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice must include a word processor. LibreOffice Writer allows you to create and design text documents that include images, tables, and graphics. Once the document is created, it can be saved in several formats, including the OpenDocument (ODF) and Microsoft Word formats DOC and HTML. Thanks to this editing utility, you can save the files created in the famous PDF file format.

With the Writer utility, you can create simple text documents, memos, faxes, and letters. The LibreOffice text editor can handle long and complex documents, as well as bibliographies, tables, and tables of contents. LibreOffice Writer also has a spell checker, AutoCorrect and several types of text templates that will be useful in many cases. Thanks to a special assistant, you can create your own templates, which can be used by all users of the LibreOffice package.

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The Writer has a wide range of options and features that are very useful when creating documents. The style and format allow you to quickly create and modify styles, paragraphs, individual characters, frames, and pages. Users can also use the useful browser, so you can move between the pages.

Creating tables and the tables of contents do not involve any challenge for LibreOffice Writer. The appearance of tables and content tables can be defined according to your own preferences. Special links and tags will allow you to instantly jump to a specific part of the document.

Some special tools built into LibreOffice Writer allow you to create professional looking documents, brochures, newsletters, and invitations. To create the aforementioned documents, we can use the text frames, graphics, tables and other objects that are available in LibreOffice.

In text documents created by Writer LibreOffice, you can include advanced calculations with built-in calculation functions. In addition, you can add your documents, drawings, prints, and other types of images that can be set in a specific place between the text.

In text documents, we can insert graphics in a wide variety of formats, a gallery function that contains a large number of ready-made graphics and special fonts for special occasions.

All the functions described above are easily accessible through its intuitive interface, which is designed so that everything is at your fingertips.

LibreOffice Writer supports the method pick-and-drop method, which means that the various components become extremely simple and fast. Pick-and-drop is an ideal method for creating web pages. This popular word processor is surely the best alternative to Microsoft Word.

LibreOffice Math:

LibreOffice Math is another feature which has established the software as the best alternative software to Microsoft Office. It allows you to perform multiple operations, functions, and formulas. All functions and formulas can be found in a special window, click on the desired function, it is activated in the desired location of the document. As well as graphics, images and formulas can be created as objects in the document. To create formulas in a LibreOffice document, LibreOffice Math is automatically started. With the mathematical tool, you can create, edit and format the formula using a series of predefined symbols and functions.

Advanced users can manually enter the formula directly in the document. To register the formula “one sup 2 + b 2 = c sup 2” you have to select the option – Insert – Object – the formula you register will cause the previous formula to become a mathematical formula LibreOffice. You can also use the LibreOffice Math command window to create formulas. When performing the calculations in the command window, the document will be ready to appear in the results. When creating long and complicated formulas, it will be an indispensable tool to only have to click on the formula bar button. With this tool, the cursor is displayed in the window, in which we create long and complicated formulas.

In LibreOffice Math, you can import characters and symbols from other sources. You can also add your own catalog of symbols for LibreOffice Math symbols, which can even create your own folders with special symbols. To make it easier to work with formulas, you can use the context menu, start it with a right click.

LibreOffice Impress:

LibreOffice Impress is the best free alternative to PowerPoint. It allows you to adopt a professional look to your slides, which can include graphics, drawn objects, text, multimedia content, and other elements. LibreOffice Impress allows you to import and modify the presentation of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can create professional presentations that contain animations, transitions, and impressive multimedia objects.

LibreOffice Impress also allows you to create vector graphics. Many of the tools that are part of LibreOffice Draw are available in LibreOffice Impress. Users can also benefit from a series of slide templates with a professional look. For each slide, we can assign a unique animation and transition effects.

Thanks to the Impress tool, editing and creating slides is very simple and effective, as well as providing a window with the thumbnails of the slides and the workspace. The slides can be presented in the form of brochures, as well as documents in HTML format. Users can have the slides at hand, if the automatic mode is selected, the tool will show LibreOffice Impress.

LibreOffice Draw:

LibreOffice Draw is another feature of the best alternative software to Microsoft Office. It allows you to create simple and complex drawings and save them in various popular formats. When a drawing is created, we can insert predefined tables, graphs, forms and other objects created with the tools of the LibreOffice suite. With LibreOffice Draw you can create vector graphics.

With LibreOffice Draw, we can also create simple 3D objects such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders. In addition to creating basic shapes in 3D, you can also change the light source that falls on the created objects. Many of the guides will help us in the creation of vector drawings and 3D objects.

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In LibreOffice Draw, we can combine objects using lines called connectors, so you can create relationships between objects in the document. This allows you to move an object and with it, move the rest, which is connected to it. This feature is very useful for creating technical diagrams and graphs.

By using the drawing tools, we have access to a large gallery with images, animations, sounds and other objects. The work done in LibreOffice Draw can be saved in several formats including BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG.

LibreOffice Base:

LibreOffice Base is a program to manage databases of different formats. LibreOffice Base natively supports the dBASE database, but we can also manage MySQL and Oracle databases. LibreOffice Base can only read the contents of the workbook database, text file, and the address book, you cannot edit and change the structure of the database.

Through the visualization, we can create a graphic view of the database. For this, we can use the Calc book tool or Writer tables public services.

LibreOffice Calc:

The best alternative software to Microsoft Office has included in itself a spreadsheet which is called LibreOffice Calc. This excel alternative allows us to calculate, analyze and manage our data. Calc allows you to import and edit Microsoft Excel files. LibreOffice Calc has a large amount of statistical and banking tools, so you can carry out complex calculations. Unskilled users can use the formula wizard to perform complicated calculation tasks faster and more efficiently.

With special tools, you can simulate the calculation.

In LibreOffice Calc, you can move complete tables of databases, or even use the book to create text documents that can be edited in LibreOffice Writer. With just a few mouse clicks you can sort the data in the book. Live graphics used in Calc vary depending on the variables used. LibreOffice Calc can also open and edit files in Microsoft Excel format. Xls.

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To sum up, we can say that LibreOffice the best alternative software to Microsoft Office and other such programs. As it is free, the use of LibreOffice is increasing rapidly. Download the software from the following link:

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