Lastpass: The Best Application to Save Passwords

Lastpass is one of the most complete free applications to save passwords with securely for both on the PC and on the phone. It can be installed in Windows 10, iOS or Android.

Lastpass - The Best Application to Save Passwords
Lastpass – The Best Application to Save Passwords

The creation of strong passwords is a highly recommended security practice, as well as keeping them encrypted in files that other people cannot access. People often choose words or alphanumeric combinations that can be easily hacked, either through brute force algorithms (which they try with words that are in the dictionary); or through social engineering, testing with combinations that may include birthdays, addresses, family names, etc.

Applications like Lastpass, Keypass, and many others, have a generator of safe random passwords that include alphanumeric characters, some uppercase letters and special symbols that are difficult to be generated by attackers. Possibly it is almost impossible for the user to be able to remember these types of passwords, but the fact of saving them and recovering them through the manager means that they do not have to be memorized.

Summarizing the features already discussed, a good password manager should have the following features:

  • Generator of strong automatic passwords (optionally your manual entry).
  • Encrypted storage
  • Import / Export data between different browsers and different devices
  • Admission to banks, social networks, mail, etc. quickly through auto-completion of access data)
  • Master password to use the application

The first thing to do is access the installation link at the end of this article. Then we proceed to its installation as a complement in the browser that we are using. If we use Firefox and Chrome at the same time, we will have to follow this procedure in both browsers.

Later it is accessed through the Lastpass icon that is installed in the browser bar.

The first time you need to create the account (entering an email address). After confirming, you are asked to enter the master password to access the application.

For later use, when we enter the user’s name in a site, for example that of a bank, Lastpass will ask if the user wants that data to be stored in their database in order to have them available in the future. Remember that you should never use the option of automatic saving of the browser since the access data would be available to anyone who accesses the computer. LastPass, on the other hand, will ask for the master password (which the user must remember).

Through an interface that is deployed in the browser itself, this program offers an extra set of functionalities: It allows you to add sites manually, notes, form data to fill in automatically when necessary, etc.

The notes can be useful to store, for example, credit card data ; while the data in forms can be used to define shopping profiles in sites such as Amazon, automatically filling in the payment information and the shipping address of the purchase.

It also allows you to configure several aspects, such as the definition of key shortcuts for accessing certain functionalities. It is also possible to share the data with another person, by sending him an invitation. Finally, it should be noted that it offers statistics that may be useful, such as knowing if there are similar passwords, from when the same combinations are used, strength in terms of security, etc.

LastPass is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. At the same time it is available for mobile phones and tablets with Andriod and iOS.

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