IBM Db2 Database for Your Business Environment

Available through several versions, IBM Db2 Database is intended for transnational and analytical operations. It also offers massive scalability, continuous access to business data and improved memory performance.

For Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems, IBM Db2 is a database software for analytical and transaction operations that can be deployed both locally and in the computer cloud. In this regard, it provides enterprise environments with massive scalability, continuous data availability and deployment flexibility.

IBM Db2 Database
IBM Db2 Database for Your Business Environment

One of its most important features is that organizations interested in this proposal have the opportunity to compress their data in a transparent manner in order to reduce the storage infrastructure and disk space requirements. Also, this compression contributes not only to minimize the elapsed time, but also to improve performance and consume a smaller amount of processing power.

Product Details

Product Name: IBM Db2
Product Type: Database Software
Publisher: IBM
Operating system: Linux, Unix-like, Windows
License: Proprietary Commercial Software, Proprietary EULA

IBM wants, on the other hand, that the companies reduce, in addition to the risks, the costs that involve and suppose to transfer to their database applications already existing and created for databases of Oracle; hence, the compatibility of SQL and that features such as autonomy offered or encryption and security have been taken into account.

pureScale is another feature that takes on a special value in IBM Db2, allowing access to data through multiple hosts and enjoying continued availability. This feature has been designed for those environments that require high availability so that the processing of online transactions (OLTP) meets the needs dictated by the market.

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The fourth class element is the technology in BLU Acceleration memory that remains integrated into the Db2 engine. Certified by SAP, as it allows to store the information in ‘columnar form’ this will facilitate the exploitation of information in a simpler and faster way. Precisely, the BLU concept arose from the idea of ​​saving the information by columns and from the tests carried out by the multinational’s engineers when executing a query in 10 Terabytes of data and to produce the corresponding result in less than a second. Thus, its design and development took place thinking of the following ideas: extreme compression, storage of information by columns, data skipping, data in memory, CPU exploitation and multiprocessing parallelism.

Available Versions

IBM has developed different versions to choose from to adapt to the needs of different businesses. One of these versions is the databases Db2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition. Designed for the company, it is a database of multiple workloads for analytical, data storage and transactional functionalities; its same features are shared by Db2 Direct Advanced Edition.

On the other hand, Db2 Enterprise Server Edition is a high performance scalable database that is used to manage the workloads of medium and large organizations. In contrast, medium-sized enterprise environments have Db2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition available, and Db2 Workgroup Server Edition is a scalable, high-performance database proposal for managing the transactional workload of small and medium businesses; The same as Db2 Direct Standard Edition.

In the case of Db2 Developer Edition, developers can evaluate, develop and apply database and storage applications in a non-production environment. Meanwhile, with Db2 Express-C Edition, IBM suggests a free community version of Db2 that brings together the main features of the most scalable versions of this platform. Finally, Db2 Express Edition is an affordable entry-level database system for small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Value of Db2

Db2 has two fundamental business value proposals from IBM: Db2 Advanced Recovery and Db2 Performance Management. The first is a suite of advanced tools that includes the backup of the database, its recovery and the extraction of information. In order to perform advanced database backup, data recovery and extraction of data, IBM Db2 has combined three tools: “Db2 Merge Backup, Db2 Recovery Expert, and InfoShphere Optim High Performance Unload for Db2”. These tools are compatible with Linux, UNIX and Windows. These mechanisms help improve accessibility of information, relieve hazard and quicken vital authoritative undertakings. It works as a complement to Db2 Express Server Edition and higher versions.

In the case of Db2 Performance Management Offering, what we find is a suite of business performance management and complement of the Express Server, Enterprise and Workgroup versions. With their tools, companies monitor, manage and improve the performance of their databases and applications. It also provides database administrators and IT personnel with the information they need to proactively manage their performance and help prevent problems before they directly affect the business.

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