How to protect Microsoft Azure

Microsoft continues to strengthen its security strategy to strengthen cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. To do so, it has just announced new intelligent tools with which to strengthen the security of organizations, from everything that is connected to the cloud, to the edge or point of entry of the company in which the devices come into play. The new vision also includes advanced solutions for IoT environments in order to guarantee the protection of data and the networks that support it.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, mentioned during the presentation that “the innovations of the technological sector need to accelerate to reach such threats. That is why today’s innovations are aimed at ensuring security in the cloud and in the billions of IoT devices that connect to networks around the world, “said the director.

Microsoft Azure Sphere arrives as an elementary factor to control the MCU (microcontroller unit) devices connected to the so-called Intelligent Edge. News also comes to its Microsoft 365 cloud offering, with a set of new intelligent features designed to help IT departments and security professionals simplify the way they manage all aspects of security in their companies. These managers have warned for a while to this part about the need to unify security solutions, given the wide range of security providers that are employed in companies, which aggravates the problems of their management.

Moving to the cloud starts to be a priority for companies. Regardless of the size all have been uploaded to the cloud car. But security is one of the essential elements for this approach to the cloud to be carried out correctly. Protecting these environments must be a key element in the strategy of any organization.

  • As a user of the Microsoft Azure cloud, from now on you face three main challenges:
  • Ensure connectivity between your local environment and the cloud
  • Control incoming and outgoing data flows, as well as protect your data at rest and applications
  • Manage your firewalls and security policy easily

Numerous actors propose firewall security and integration solutions exclusively in the local environment, but not in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Since 2013, Barracuda has been designing dedicated solutions that integrate seamlessly into Azure and take into account both its particularities and its marketplace.

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