Google dismantled the committee on artificial intelligence

After having announced it on March 26, Google is saying that it has dismantled its ethics committee on artificial intelligence
ATEAC , in the midst of a strong controversy with several of its members.

The now-canceled Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC ) comprised of engineers and external experts. But the presence of the president of Heritage Foundation in the committee angered many among the Google employees who are opposing military use of artificial intelligence.

Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC)

The presence at that meeting of a manager of a company specializing in drones also rekindled fears of the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes, according to the Vox news site, the first media that published on the dismantling of the committee.

“It has become clear that in this environment, the ATEAC cannot work as expected,” they said from Google to AFP on Thursday.

The mobilization against the committee originated when a petition on the Internet called on the Mountain View company to divest Kay Coles James, president of the Heritage Foundation, of her position because of her public stance “anti-trans, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrants. “The text was signed by 2,300 people, including Google employees and academics.

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The signatories feared that James’ positions could influence the development of the technologies of the future, and that artificial intelligence programs would have a discriminatory bias from the start.

It happened in such a crucial time when technological world is looking for ways to utilize the immense possibilities and potentials of artificial intelligence despite the risk of using the technology, such as the possibility of turning against its creator.

Despite the disappearance of the expert council, Google officially stated its intention to “rethink the project”. “We will continue to be responsible in our work with respect to the important challenges posed by AI, and we will find ways to have external opinions on these issues,” said a company spokesperson.

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