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Shareit is software that enables you to share all types of files, PDF including picture and videos between different devices, PC to PC or Phone to PC. The download Shareit for pc windows 7 connects between devices by creating an independent hotspot network. No Wi-Fi or Mobile data needed to connect devices you are transferring files to and which must be within the range.  No cables or external storage drivers needed as Sharing is completely through wireless means between sending and receiving devices. 

Why Download Shareit for pc Windows 7?

Most important thing is that download Shareit for PC Windows 7 is free for download. It also makes files transfer easy and 200x faster compared to others like Bluetooth. Another thing is that you do not need to select the files you need to send one by one because you can transfer even huge files and folders regardless of the sizes or format of the file.  Shareit also makes it easier to retrieve files with the remote view feature from your PC and you can share them directly.

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Another key feature also you need to know is that you can transfer files to more than one recipient device using Shareit for PC windows 7.  Yes, up to five devices maximum. This is the perfect file transfer software for students and it can also be used for offices. Another awesome feature is that you can connect your phone to your PC. This enables you to backup or export of important data from your phone to PC easily and fast. Not forgetting also that using this feature of connecting between phones to PC you can also make your PowerPoint presentation by screenplay directly from your phone to PC to projector through connect and play contents.

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Generally, Shareit for Windows 7 is a must-download software on your PC, from experience it saves you time and money, And really all the things you can do with it are things we speak about to in our daily life. Also, it is technologically making it easier to connect and share with the world at our fingertips.

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