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Silent Hill Homecoming is the sixth installment of the mega-popular saga of ” Silent Hill ”, this time the player will assume the role of Alex Sheperd, a soldier just arrived home after serving in the army as a military officer, special Unfortunately for Alex, his father and brother have disappeared and it is not until he returns home that he is finally aware of it, in case it was not enough his mother seems to be submerged in a very deep state of catatonia.

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Silent Hill Homecoming
Silent Hill Homecoming

This game has the same charm as previous deliveries, dark and sinister scenarios. As if all the clues that seem to guide Alex to the whereabouts of his father and brother seem to point directly at Silent Hill, so Alex will have to go into this city devoid of human life and crowded with monstrous beings.

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So, the tension and uncertainty in this game can be easily palpable. It is perhaps for this reason that this saga of video games has been so popular. As in the previous bogies of this saga, this game has several combat elements, track collection, and exploration.

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The player has to go deep into Silent Hill and get clues, such as documents and photos while doing this must dodge the attacks of the twisted monsters that cross his path. But, there is nothing to worry about in this regard, since all the tracks that the player gets to collect will be automatically saved in the character’s diary, which can be read at any time. Some other elements that will be very useful to finish the game are the bullets, weapons, and media kits scattered in some areas, this is why the user will not want to miss one and will be alert. Download Silent Hill Homecoming from the following link and enjoy playing:

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