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What language do you think computers would use if they could talk? Well, they would most certainly use the logical and mathematical language seen in Matlab. This is the language that is commonly used to solve a number of problems in the field of engineering, economics, science and computing. This language is known as Matlab (Matrix Laboratory) which was developed by ‘MathWorks’. This is a multinational corporation fully committed to the creation and development of software for the field of engineering and science, as well as education.

Download Matlab from Publisher

MATLAB is a language of high performance for computer technology, software developed for technical calculations. MATLAB integrates the calculation, the visualization and programming in an easy -to- use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in a mathematical notation. We speak of an interactive system whose basic element of data is the arrangement that does not require prior sizing. This allows solving many computational problems, especially those that encompass vector sand matrices, in a time shorter than we would need to write a program in a non-interactive scalar language such as C or FORTRAN.

The software developed by this corporation is so efficient and enjoys a high standard of quality, so much so that it is used around the world in a number of universities with the sole purpose of instructing and supporting field research carried out in the different university campuses located in different parts of the world. This true treasure of computer engineering is a highly logical and numeric language; You can make use of this computing environment through this software specially designed to provide you with the greatest functionality.

MATLAB is widely used in:

  • Numerical calculations
  • Modeling, simulation and prototype testing
  • Development of algorithms
  • Data analysis, exploration and visualization
  • Graphing of data for scientific or engineering purposes
  • Development of applications that require a graphical user interface (GUI, Graphical User Interface).

You will be able to carry out a number of tasks, which would take a long time or would be almost impossible to carry out with other programming languages. This tool will be very useful in several fields of computer science, science and engineering. This tool is ideal for programmers who want to carry out the creation and optimization of applications based on algorithms, since this program has several useful tools to carry all this out. This software will undoubtedly be the ideal complement in the analysis of data, since it has a useful function for the visualization of the data in graphic form. This outstanding tool will help you solve any kind of engineering or science problem.

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