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Samsung Smart Switch has released its latest version 4.2.18124_4 for 2019. It is a program that allows you to transfer data from a previous Samsung model (or from any other phone) to a new smartphone model (Galaxy S8, S7, S6 J7, J5 and others).

Samsung Smart Switch
Samsung Smart Switch

This desktop version can be installed on a Windows PC or on a Mac, or you can choose the mobile version (for Android, but also for iOS since you can pass data from an iPhone to a Samsung). If the cell phone model is not compatible with this software, you should try Samsung Kies. It is already pre-installed on the S9 Plus, S9, S8, S7, S6, S6 edge and S6 edge + models.

In case of using the computer version, Smart Switch is installed on the PC to connect both mobile devices via WiFi (or USB cable) and transfer the data between them. In case of installing the mobile version, both devices are connected through a USB cable or wirelessly.

The user has the possibility to select what data and files he wants to transfer to his Galaxy S7 or S6, be it the list of contacts, calendars, photos, SMS, settings, notes, history, alarms, call records, Wi-Fi data , applications, songs, video, etc.

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This application in turn will serve to make backup copies of the device and save them on the PC. When it is necessary to restore the data, either in the same phone or in a new one, you will be able to use the backup that was previously saved (by default it is located in the Smart Switch Backup folder).

A very useful function that supports Smart Switch has to do with the synchronization of contacts and calendars , between the device and the mail software used on the PC (Windows Outlook) or on the Mac (Mac Address Book and iCal for calendars).

This program also serves to update the Android operating system to a new version available for the corresponding smartphone model.

It should be noted that it is an official application of the Korean Samsung brand, highlighting that it is easy to use, fast, reliable and effective. Currently it has its latest version 4.2.18124_4 for 2019.

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