Download Exploration Lite for PC

Exploration Lite for PC is a pocket version of Minecraft for Android, ideal for those who want to enter the world of crafting or to mix and create new materials. Because it is a light version, you can do and undo whatever you need, but you cannot save states unless you acquire the pro version.

Exploration Lite for PC
Exploration Lite for PC

The game borrows many elements of Minecraft. You can go in first person view to better recognize the territory. First with your hands you can collect some materials such as wood and then create tools such as picks or shovels. The next thing will be to collect the raw material faster and as you combine it, you will form new objects, construction materials and even food. The way to create all the instruments is the same as Minecraft. You add the materials in a grid and deposit the specific amount. There is a guide to know what you need for certain items but you can also resort to experimentation.

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With Exploration Lite for PC everything flows like in the real world, including patience. To achieve large constructions you must wait for the necessary time since you must store many materials in your inventory and in containers. Then it will be time to put partition by partition, create the necessary glass, and add the windows add doors and do not forget the stairs or you cannot reach your destination. Every day you will have new adventures because the world is big with forests, mines, caves or beaches to explore.

The cycle of the day also comes into play and at night you must have a good shelter to protect you from the evil creatures. Your character gets tired and takes damage; hence it is necessary to have some reserves of food and healing.

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To play Windows you need to install the Bluestacks program, which will allow you to run Android in a window. Download Exploration Lite for PC from the following link:

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