Download Elementary OS Luna: New Linux Operating System

Elementary OS Luna is the new Linux Operating System based on the well-known Ubuntu. However, unlike Ubuntu, Luna was considerably thinned, so it will only present the applications that are really necessary and the entire desktop environment. This makes Luna a unique distribution that acts on its own terms.

The New Linux Operating System
Elementary OS Luna: The New Linux Operating System

The creators of Luna put a great emphasis on the appearance and refinement of the interface. At first glance, Luna seems to be very similar to that of OS X Mac systems. The creators modeled Apple’s system and implemented an appropriate solution for their Mac, but they also incorporated their own ideas. As is normal in the case of Linux distributions, the new Linux Operating System is made up of the most popular software, such as a web browser, music player, and much more. However, if some of the creations of the application did not fit and were not in line with the ideology of the system, it was expelled and replaced by another written from scratch. Thanks to Luna you will find the browser of the web author, music player, text editor, file browser, and the entire desktop environment.

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It is an ideal system for desktops with the ease of use of the mouse (you will not find here the widespread trend of implementing solutions directly from touch devices). Luna is also a very good choice for laptops, especially older ones. Despite the subtle beauty of the animation system and, Luna is incredibly fast and very sensitive.

Driven by the community, its sole objective is to offer the best possible experience for your community. Also, it is driven by the desire to be better, not by an economic amount. Collaborators are not profit maximizes, they maximize of purpose.

Benefit of using the new Linux Operating System

Transparent and open: The new Linux Operating System is undoubtedly open source, and is the result of a global collaboration. It means that anyone can download, use, modify, and collaborate with the written code to bring their ideas to real life. In addition, the code is developed freely, which means that it is available for review, control, and improvement for tens of thousands of developers around the world. Everything before your system arrives.

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Beautiful and useful: the designers and developers of the new Linux Operating System kept in mind tow aspects, acceptability and usability. While the design is most promising, quality is not compromised at all.

Modern IT: Elementary OS is a free replacement for Windows on the PC and OS X on the MAC. It comes with what you can expect, such as a fast web browser and an application store with thousands of applications. In addition, you will get free updates and protection from known viruses.

Fast: Luna has been designed from the beginning to be a fast operating system. It starts up quickly, connects instantly, and uses the minimum of resources so that your applications enjoy an increase in speed. And with Luna, you get the same Linux foundation chosen for the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Fully accessible: Different types of people around the world build the operating system, so it’s no surprise that Luna is built with this in mind. It comes equipped with applications and adjustments for those people who have deficiencies in hearing and sight, as well as assistance for those people who have motor problems.

Safe and secure: Luna is built on the solid foundation of Linux. It does not have the known viruses, which means that there is no annoying anti-virus software that can slow down the system. This operating system receives security updates as soon as a problem is discovered, which means that you do not have to wait for a more secure system.

Completely free: The operating system is completely free, both in terms of prices and licenses. There are no charges at all. Also, there are no such agreements which can confuse its users, nor any trial periods, or any sort of copyright protection terms. There is no restriction on how many times you install Luna on your computer, or how many copies you have distributed among your friends.

Ready for Applications: This operating system comes with an integrated application store, with thousands of free applications. Quickly find what you’re looking for without having to worry about the malware on the web.

Features of the new Linux Operating System

While installing elemental, the new Linux Operating System, you are not only installing an operating system. Rather, you are installing an excellent set of customized applications that allow you to get the right to work. Easily browse the Internet, check your email, listen to music, and deal with daily tasks or pleasures.

Music: Search by albums, create playlists, song rankings, and see similar tracks.

Midori: Surf the web with the speed of the same rendering engine as Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Geary Mail: You can crate multiple accounts; get notifications on the desktop and read mail in conversations.

Shotwell: Import, organize and edit photos. Make a slide presentation. Share with Facebook or Flickr.

Updates: Always stay with the last one, since this system will receive updates instantaneously for free and forever.

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