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Clock Tower is one of those games that can be defined as a classic adventure (of those where you are collecting clues through a click), this graphic adventure was created by a now-defunct Japanese video game developer known as ” Human Entertainment ”. This video game was released for the PC at the beginning of the year 1997.

Adventure Game Clock Tower
Adventure Game Clock Tower (Image Credit:Nuclear Dawn by InterWave Studios –

Clock Tower is the first video game belonging to the survival horror saga Clock Tower, created by Human Entertainment for Super Famicom and published in Japan in 1995 for the first time. In 1997 a version for PlayStation was launched, with new adjustments. In 1999 a version for WonderSwan and Windows 95 was released, respectively. A saga of videogames developed by Human, characterized by using a game system halfway between graphic adventure and action

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Clock Tower has pretty decent graphics to have been developed in the mid-’90s, has 2D graphics and the interface is basically the same as was used in video games of the ’90s. If you like graphic adventures that present strong puzzle-solving elements, but that also present some elements of fright and combats; then without any doubt “Clock Tower” you will love it, besides who does not like a good classic game? The theme of this game is really interesting, the main character and which the player can control is named ”Jennifer Simpson”, which is an orchard that is living in an orphanage located in Romsdalen, Norway.

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The orphanage is totally fictitious and bears the name ”Granite Orphanage”. She and her three friends: Lotte, Ann and Laura are finally adopted in 1995 by a suspicious character, who lives in a huge mansion which has been given the name of ”clock tower”. Unfortunately for Jennifer, things are not what she expected, since she does not know it yet, but she and her friends are in grave danger in that mansion. Jennifer will be harassed by a small misshapen named ”Bobby Barrows”, which always brings sharp scissors to hand. If you enjoy the classics, full of the charm of yesteryear and graphics of low quality (according to current standards, of course), then this game is more than recommended for you.

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