CCleaner: the best way to clean your computer

The best way to clean your computer is to use a program like CCleaner. It is a free application that allows you to eliminate unnecessary files from the system, temporary files and the so-called “Trash” left by all programs, especially web browsers. The functionality and effectiveness of the program make CCleaner almost mandatory in the basic set of applications for each computer.

CCleaner: the best way to clean your computer

CCleaner is appreciated above all by those who really value their privacy. This application allows you with a single click to erase all browsing history including downloaded and temporary files. Registry cleaning and computer processing will allow applications to function more quickly in the system. Of course, CCleaner can also clean unnecessary files from your computer, for example by removing the uninstalled software, freeing up valuable hard disk space. It will be no problem for CCleaner to empty the recycle bin, clean the storage system and list of recently opened documents, etc.

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One very important and useful feature of CCleaner is the ability to manage programs that start at the start of the operating system. Using CCleaner is the best way to clean your computer at startup. A very important point is the possibility of uninstalling programs from your system. Within the main features of the application include: the removal of hidden files index.dat, cleaning the location of recently downloaded files (Internet Explorer), the search for possible problems in the missing shared DLL file or the elimination of memory dumps after the suspension of the system.

Users of the basic version of CCleaner should pay attention to the add-on called CCEnhancer, which increases the functionality of the program. For users who use several computers, it is more than advisable, the use of the portable version that can be copied to flash memory – in this version of the application its installation is not necessary. If you use CCleaner, you will find that this is the best way to clean your computer.

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