Apple iPhone XS: The solid Upgrade to a Great Phone

The latest release of the signature of Apple – iPhone XS is available in two sizes of OLED screen: one of 5.8 inches and 2.436 x 1.125 pixels of resolution for the model XS and another of 6.5 inches and 2.688 x 1.242 pixels for the XS Max version, which becomes the iPhone with the largest screen marketed to date. In addition, both are Super Retina HD displays compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and have an iOS color management system that offers high color accuracy. The other important difference between both smart devices is that in the case of the Xs Max phone the battery life is somewhat longer.

Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone XS

The technological jewel of Apple incorporates an important novelty in its A12 Bionic processor. It is the first mobile processor with seven nanometer technology: this makes it the highly powerful and intelligent technological proposal with efficient consumption and outstanding performance. Also, it works very fast and smoothly with each of the actions that must be completed. This chip is made up of six cores: two high-power ones that are destined to those situations in which the user needs the maximum possible performance and four for the less intensive activities with 50% more efficiency. As for the GPU, the most outstanding thing is that it has the ability to learn from the daily use that a person makes of the phone.

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With Face ID as face recognition technology to log in or pay for purchases made, it is resistant to dust, water and splashes, and its structure is bathed in stainless steel. Works with iOS 12 and its back that is glass facilitates faster wireless charging. The double support for SIM cards only includes a physical card slot because the user needs to configure the other via eSIM, a virtual version, on the secondary line of the phone.

The section dedicated to photography also leaves important improvements and sensations thanks to the development of a neural motor and the aforementioned processor. For example, the double sensor of 12 megapixels of resolution has been conserved but as its size is bigger so more light can enter. On the other hand, the angle is a little wider and has an aperture of f / 1.8). Control of the depth is offered.

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