5 Cool Google Browser Extensions for Chrome

Google Browser Extensions for Chrome gives the possibility to improve the user experience and making surf much easier. These applications or extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store from where you are given the option to download them for free. Installation is done instantly, so it is not complicated to add a few extensions in your browser. Here are 5 cool Google Browser Extensions which I like most.

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Kill-ID for Chrome

One of the coolest Google Browser Extensions for Chrome is Kill-ID for Chrome. It disables the snooping features of the Google Chrome browser. First and foremost, the free tool deletes the personal identification number assigned to every “Chrome” installation by Google. The software prevents the search engine giant from tracking your surfing behavior on the internet. In addition, “Kill-ID for Chrome” blocks unnecessary traffic between your browser installation and Google Central.

Rain alarm for Chrome

Among the Google Browser Extensions for Chrome the “rain alarm” informs you about the current weather conditions, especially with regard to upcoming rain showers. The Chrome extension is based on Google Maps and uses pop-up windows to inform you of impending rainfall. The add-on detects your location automatically. If desired, however, this can also be adjusted manually. Download Rain Alarm now.

Awesome screenshot for Chrome

With the “Awesome Screenshot” Chrome extension, you can take screenshots of entire websites or, optionally, of specific parts. Then edit these images and add arrows and notes, for example. You also circle or highlight important information. You can either download the result as an image file, save it online, or share it on social media portals. This is one of the best Google Browser Extensions for Chrome.

SearchPreview for Chrome

The SearchPreview Chrome extension inserts thumbnails of web pages into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo search results. So you get a small preview together with your list of results for each web page and filter in advance found results. Download SearchPreview here.

CoolNovo for Chrome

“CoolNovo” (formerly “ChromePlus”) adds useful features to the Google Chrome browser. For example, with the right mouse button held down, you can use different mouse commands to move your mouse: Drag the mouse down to scroll down the open page. Move the mouse to the top right, scroll to the next tab. Drag and drop HTML links by dragging them to a new tab. Or you can use the menu item “IE-Tab” to open a web page that uses the Internet Explorer engine without having to open the Microsoft browser.

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